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I was sold on the ability to trade my week to go anywhere in the world and that I was supposed to be able to book trips through Interval International and sell them on the internet to pay for the whole thing. These have both turned out to be completely untrue. Not only is every place anyone would ever want to travel ALWAYS booked, but i can’t reserve a week in anyone else’s name anyway so there is no way I could ever sell a trip even if there was one available. nI have owned mine for three and a half years now and NEVER used it. During that time I have traveled to Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, Tahoe, Mexico, etc. and have never been able to find an open week so even though I have done a lot of traveling I still have not been able to utilize the timeshare. The thing that really gets to me is that not all timeshares are rip offs, your company simply chooses to sell a completely worthless product. My parents have a timeshare with a different company which they trade every year to travel all over the world and they absolutely love it. They even bought a second one over the summer because they use theirs so much. I really thought that I had done my homework and was making a good informed decision because I asked your sales person every question under the sun to make sure this timeshare would work the same as my parents and all the sales guy’s answers made it sound like it was. In hindsight it is obvious that he was simply lying to me in order to close a deal. nI have made mistakes purchasing items in my life where I have paid for something that didn’t function exactly how I hoped, or paid a little more for something than it was probably worth but this timeshare has turned out to be 100% worthless and by far the worst financial decision I have ever made. nHere is a list of some of the lies I was told during the sales process: n * I could book weeks through interval international and sell them online to pay for itn * The interest on the loan was tax deductiblen * The timeshare would appreciate in value so if I didn’t see the value after a year I could easily sell it for more than I paid because the property would be done by than and the new prices would be much highern * My bank would refinance the timeshare at a lower interest raten * The 5 free vacations they gave me on top of the timeshare were completely worthlessn * I would receive a $350 voucher for a flight when I booked my first weekn * Interval International is the biggest and most flexible timeshare trading company in the world with access to more properties than any other timeshare trading company so I will be able to trade my week easily to travel anywhere I would ever want to go nEricnCosta Mesa, CaliforniaU.S.A.

801 S. Rampart Blvd. #200 Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.



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