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Complaint: I went to Conn’s on S. Gessner, on September 6, 2014, to purchase some new mattresses. The agent that I spoke with was a very nice guy and explained everything to me. We sit the delivery of the mattresses to be delivered on the next Saturday, due to me working. I received a call at 7:25am, informing me that my delivery would be there between 4 to 7:pm. I was alright with that, but here comes the fun part of this comes in, which wasn’t very funny to me. My mattresses arrived at 9:30pm that night after making several calls to the warehouse. I was in the back bedroom with one of the delivery men sitting up a television that I recieved free with the purchase. I didn’t think I needed to stand guard to watch the delivery man to set the mattresses up, all they had to do was sit them on the frame that was already sit up. After they left and I went into the bedroom, I discovered that the mattress had a big bump going across the top of the mattress, not to mention that there was a big gap between the head board and the foot board, as if the mattress and the box springs didn;t go together. I called Conn’s the very next day to inform them of the problem and I spoke with someone in their warehouse, I explained the problem to them, in which he told me that because I had called within twenty-four hours of the delivery I would get a replacement sent out, but he had to put the paper work in and that it will take about three days before someone contacts me. I received a call the next night from someone in the warehouse informing me that someone will be coming out to take pictures of the mattress and that they would be bringing out the new one. Two guys came and all they did was take picyures of the mattresses, my problem came in when they called the warehouse to inform them that the mattress needed to be replaced, I was then informed that would take an additional two to three days before they can deliver the mattress. By this time I am getting very angry, because I don’t feel that I am being treated fairly. Nothing takes this long to be delivered, and I feel that the matress should have been inspected before it left the warehouse. I have spoken to many people at the warehouse and just don’t seem to be getting anywhere with the issue. The free television is another story, the remote has to be clicked several times before I can get the television to react to any command. I changed the batteries and still it does the same thing. When I go to scann the channels it takes forever to scan and no channels show as the television scans the channels. It almost appears to me that all of the stuff at Conn’s is buck and worth nothing for the kind of money that it cost. I told them that I was very unhappy with hoiw all of this is being played out, and that I wouldn’t refer anyone to them and it was like they really didn’t care at all. I am now ready to tell them to come and pick up the mattresses and go with another company that knows how to do business.The customer service there is very poor and even thou they all say they understand, they aren’t doing anything to fix the issue. They do too much business to treat customers like they treat people. I am finish with them after this they don’t have to worry about me, and if they don’t fix the promble this week they can have it back . I feel they should do something to conversate me for the inconvience that I have gone through, but that would never happen.

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