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Conexis is a Health Savings Account paid for by me through my employer. On 7/19/14 I placed a claim for a medical bill of $41.66. Conexis challenged that the medical charge did not take place during the calendar year 2014- (I couldn’t prove differently – easily), so I send a Plan Repayment Check to Conexis to cover the entire $41.66 so that Conexis would remove the suspension from my account. I mailed the Repayment Check on 9/30/14. Conexis has repeatedly suspended my account, stating that I owe them $41.66. I have called Conexis several (6) times between late November and 12/16/14 to resolve this issue- the issue is still unresolved, and Conexis is continuing to Deny my Medical Bill payments. In late November, I was told that they received the plan repayment check on 10/7/14, but they were experiening issues with their system, and that the claim was or would be resolved immediately. Conexis had not posted the repayment check or cleared this issue as of 12/12/14, so I made an additional Credit Card repayment for the $41.66 so that Conexis would un-suspend my account. This repayment posted on 12/15/14. As of 12/26/14 this issue has yet to be resolved, as another medical bill was denied today (12/26/14) at my Cardiovascular Specialist’s office visit. Since 12/15/14 Conexis has denied 4 more claims, which cost me over $115 out of my pocket, even though my balance according to Conexis is over $172. I have called Conexis 6 times since lat November, and have spent well over an hour on the phone with them. They keep telling me they are working on it, or that the issue is resolved- yet Conexis continues to Deny my medical payments. Conexis has infuriated me to the point that I started yelling at the supervisor on 12/16/14- which is not good since I am currently suffering with heart issues. And they have denied my Cardiovascular Specialist’s office visit copay twice since 12/19/14. .

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