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Went to the store to buy a wireless router for kids new psp’s, have made purchases in this store before which i’m now glad I never had a problem with. He(owner or son of -I believe) sells me a refurbished Netgear wireless N router at 69.99+TAX, Well got home and plugged it in didn’t work, no power, tried several things to determine why and realized it was 100% defective. n So I dug out the receipt which quotes “A TESTING FEE WILL APPLY FOR ITEMS RETURNED AS DEFECTIVE VERIFIED IN WORKING CONDITION($29)MIN CHARGE””. Well connected again and tested but still garbage. n Went back to store to exchange it

first guy I approched said would happily exchange it

but then sends me to back to get it tested first. No problem after bit of wait the tech tests router and confirms my diagnosis

then takes me to counter and tells the same guy who sold it to me he had to exchange it

he then in turn argues with his tech quizzing him on what and how it was tested and unwillingly accepted. n He(owner or son of -I believe)

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