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This company will call you and state you have some sort of cash advance loans that has not been repaid and if you do not pay it they will forward it out for processing and have you appear in court. All of this is false they have your social security number your new and old address as well as references new and old employers and your bank info. They will call your family and try to get in touch with you. They will give a high balance and try to negotiate to get you to settle paying that day. If you’re unable to put down something that day they will raise the balance back up and set you up on a payment plan. They state that they are going to forward you over to the processing company but they do not forward you over to the processing company the processing company is just another employee in the office. They change merchants and charge a 10 to 15 dollar processing fee depending on who you talk to. This is all a scam the owner of the company is buying bad debt and trying to re collect the money. Do not give these people any money. They are located in atlanta georgia. They have several different numbers to call you from that will pop up as a local number. If you receive a call pertaining to anything like this hang up right away and call your local law enforcement

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By Ronald

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