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Their delivery service sucks! they initially told me that my item will be arrived on sunday and I have to stay at home from 2-8 waiting for them. nothing happened on sunday – I called costumer service, they were closed. Then I Monday I called them and they said they will contact the driver to see what’s happened. They are not shipping with fedex or UPS, they are shipping with a company named AB truck –unknown – that seems to hire low wage people who cant even speak english!! (will tell you the story).. so what happened is that the costumer service game me the truck driver cell number and told me to contact him. I called – the guy was barely could speak english! I told him when he is going to deliver it and he said his truck needed repair and he will deliver the item the next day and wanted me to wait for him from 3-8PM the next day! we waited until 8 and nothing happened! I called him to ask when he is coming as it was getting late and he shouted at me that he can’t deliver it that night and it is not his fault and it is the manager that gave him so many package to deliver and etc!!! I surprised of the quality of the service.. this is an scam company! be aware! I am still waiting for my item to come! luckily I bought this item with my amex and I can easily cancel this.

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