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I purchased goods from Comp-Recycle on 1-8-03, 1-21-03, 2-10-03, My first order was small to try out the company. This order was good. It was only for $54.00 including cod and s&h. nThe next two orders I placed in good faith I spent a little more around $116.75 and $72.75 and when i got them every thing in the order was bad. I emailed them and received an email back from HAROLD and was instructed to send the goods back (spending yet another $13.00 s&h) and they would replace them. nSince then I have tried calling , emailing and have yet to get any responce. In concluding I have learned a good lesson at the cost of many the Internet is not a good place to buy goods from and will stick to doing buisness with people I can talk to and see. I hope somebody will teach Comp-Recycle (Harold) how to conduct a good buisness. I forgive them may GOD do the same nGOD BLESS nGarynhickory, North CarolinaCanada

6617 Phoenix Pl Plano, Texas U.S.A.


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