commutercars fort pierce Florida


Complaint: What can I say but that commuter cars are the worst people you could work for or buy a vehicle, as a former auto tech that worked for them, I have to say they have no ethics when it comes to automotive repair or automobile sales, they have you install sealers for air conditioning leaks that only works for a couple of weeks if your lucky, gallons of block sealer for blown head gaskets , and all the miracle in a bottle you can buy, its a pure disgrace, you think your buying a decent vehicle and a couple weeks later its overheating or the air is warm now needing thousands of dollars in repairs just for them to tell you sorry , you remember when you signed that as is contract don’t you. They also work their employees for under minimum wage, I personally know one person there that works 60 hours a week and brings home less than 200 dollars a week, its a terrible company to work for or buy a vehicle from. Feel free to check out the complaints on the better business bureau, there’s more than you can imagine, sincerely Chris

Tags: Auto Dealers

Address: 6420 s us1 port saint lucie, Florida USA



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