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I got scammed on 1/9/2019 by ( a home breeder of French Bulldogs out of Texas. I inquired on the website about a cute 9 week old Female Fawn French Bulldog Puppy with White and Black Mast named Jena. Of coarse several follow-up emails with pictures of the dog, details about shipping returned a signed contract with contact personal information. Followed-up with texts and phone calls regarding payment process using Zelle. I made twice transactions (daily limit) $500 on 1/9/2019 and $350 on 1/10/2019 (total $850) for the dog Jena to be shipped on 1/11/2019. After sending final payment the responses became very brief and after talking on the phone the day of expected shipment, he seemed confused that he already shipped the dog. he apologized for the confusion and would take Jena to the airport right away and send me the flight details. NO DOG WAS SHIPPED. no more responses to texts, emails, or voicemails. I have reported the incident to my bank who I used the Zelle app though (so there is traceability) and police report to support my claim. After I got scammed I research pet scammers and can not believe the number of dishonest crooks in the world listed on the reported pet scammers list! so sad.

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By Ronald

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