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My hard-of-hearing, short-sight, diabetic 80-year-old aunt foolishly invited this company to visit after being cold-called by telephone. In a moment of madness, she handed over 600 as a deposit on a bed. Quickly realising her mistake, she utilised the seven-day ‘change your mind’ window and wrote two recorded-delivery letters cancelling the order.Several weeks later, despite numerous phone calls, further trace-and-track letters and a phone call from a Trading Standards officer, the money still has not been returned. Initial denial of receipt of written cancellation subsequently morphed into a variety of excuses e.g. administration would take up to 28 days, in the middle of moving offices … you know the scenario. Try calling and you’ll be told there’s no-one to take your call, they’ll call you back (never do) or you’ll simply be cut off. No direct dial numbers. No individual to deal with. Says it all.Don’t touch this bunch with a bargepole.

145-157 St John Street, London, EC1V4PY Internet United States of America


Bed & Bath

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By Ronald

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