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In late 2014 I had room to room DVR service installed. My bill was immediately 60.00 higher than expected. I called and of course customer service re=explains everything to their own benefit. A few mos later, I call again because all the wires were left hanging off the back of the house. (We had been promised a box for them in 2014, and called about this 6 times before getting results. Also spoke of my being charged for 2 DVR’S ( I only had one) and 6 other 9.95 mo boxes on my bill. (I only owned 5 TV’s, and was being charged for 8. ) Finally after telling then I’d report then to atty generals office in Jan of 2016, they fixed the messy wires properly and issued a refund of the overbilling but only to cover the previous 78 days, NOT the 2.3 YEARS of overbilling. I imagine the service tech did not turn in our old boxes as promised when he took them with him. Comcast owes us about $1000 or more, since there are taxes and other nickel and dime stuff on the bill. The refund was only 126.41. This calls for a class action lawsuit. How many others are paying for units not being returned to comcast properly? My husband had been paying online and it excaped my notice because of the lack of paper billing for quite some time. I always seemed to get the same very polite Indian lady who never got anything done even though I asked for a supervisor. All I got was even more stress. 2.3 years they have done this to me

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