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To begin, when the agent came to the house to renew the policies I told him I was going to cancel. The only way I could get him to leave was to write a pre-dated check. In May a month before the policy was to be renewed I wrote a letter telling them I wanted to cancel mine and my husbands accident policies. They acted like they didn’t get the letter and went ahead and cashed the check which renewed the policy. nI called to find out why it wasn’t cancelled. Got the run around. I wrote another letter under the first one (just by luck I saved it) and told them again. I called a week later to see if they got the letter and of course they said no. I sent it directly to Policy Services. Then I faxed another letter that went along with the other 2 that I had already sent. I called to see if anything had been done. Of course not. So now I am going to contact Springfield, Ill. to get something done. nPatricianVandalia, IllinoisU.S.A.

5050 Broadway Chicago, Illinois U.S.A.


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