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We had rented a washer and dryer thru colortyme for over a year and we were always current on it, when my husband changed jobs we had to make a few late payments but we always kept in contact and made the payments on the day I said I could come in. Just as of recently they began to jack up payments they would tell me one thing over the phone, and say ok well you can be in a such and such a day this is what the amount you have to pay is, I would go in to the location on the agreed upon day with the amount told to me, when i would get to the location it would be a totally different amount much higher than what was told to me. I would tell them that I just spoke to one of your clerks and this is what was told by them to bring in, the person behind the counter would look in the computer and tell me that nothing had been posted that these conversations had ever happened and I would have to come up with more money.I would give them what I had to give at that time to keep from accuring more hidden fees, I would than ask them exactly how much more is need they would give me a amount and and when I came in with it it once again was not posted in the computer and it was way higher than what had been discussed. Just as of recently we had them take the washer and dryer away we no longer could handle the situation the weekend before they repossed the merchandise the delivery driver had cme to my home with an itemized statement of the amount owed, I asked him when I come in on Monday since you are closed on Sundays is this what is owed to get everything in order, his reponse was yes that is the total amount owed, and that’s what they will be wanting on Monday, I said ok I will be in on Monday. I did exactly that I went in to the location on Monday with the agreed upon amount, when I went to pay the clerk he said that it was much higher than what had been spoken of that my total amount due was over one hundred dollars and once again nothing had been posted to the account, I paid what I could and left the store being told once again I had to come up with more money than what I had been informed of now we were not even really late my payments were due on Friday the driver came out a day later which was a Sunday, and since they were closed on Sunday I told them I could pay them on Monday. This is not the first time this happened they have done it before to other people I’ve heard of they tell them one thing, and than when they go to make it they change it. They are not accredited by the BBB, so they can pull this crap on people. PLEASE save yourself a headache DO NOT RENT FROM COLORTYME!!!!!!!!!!!

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