Colorado Surgical Center – No Improvement – I have to get reconstructive surgery thanks to them

Unfortunately I did not realize unitl after my procedure that thisplace was a scam. Their low prices attract a lot of people, and I am pretty sure that is the only reason why they are still in business. They are cheap becasue the quality of their work. I paid $3,000 for hair grafting. It was $2,000 less than the other facility tI was looking at. The surgery went horribly. The doctor incisions were crooked and the stitching was so bad tha tit left massve scars and bald spots. I was going to have to have major corective surgery to fix the look. It looked terribel too. I had bald spots everywhere. I have had muliple arguments with Chris and has been nothing but rude and dishonest with me. I am not getting my money back ad they won’t fix the problwm. This is a scam of an operation. I could have been seriously injured by these unqualified surgeons.

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