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An RV was posted on Craigslist Tucson for 3500 and I responded sending my email for more information. [email protected] emailed me more photos of the RV and a story about how her husband died 3 months ago and how she was selling it for that price because of bad memories. She said that she moved to Colorado to stay with her parents and that the RV was in the hands of a shipping company called Colorado Shippers. I sent her my full name and phone number to give to the company. The next morning I got an email that looked like it was from a legitimate shipping company. They had a pdf file with the information and picture of the vehicle and information on how to wire the money. I called them and a guy with an Indian accent picks up and says that their financial manager or something like that will call me to take my payment. Another guy with an Indian accent calls me and tells me that some other financial manager will send me texts with information on how to pay. The text I got was information to wire money to someone named Sue Horner. They said the bank name was United National Bank. They put the address which is at 722 North Broad st. Cairo GA 39828. It says Sue Horner’s address is located at 1454 15th Ave. NW Cairo, GA 39828. They put account number 702670 and Routing number as: 061219898. I asked how do I know if it’s secure to wire money to that account and I never got a response. I tried looking up the company and couldn’t find anything. The address isn’t associated with any company under that name and the phone number also didn’t match up with any company. Along with that I got an email from supposed Debra Abron after not getting a response on the phone saying"Hi Sarina,The title, bill of sale and all the paperwork is already signed by me and will come along with the RV. You will try it out for 5 days, and if at the end you are happy with it, you can give them the "green" to release the money to me. Or if not, you can just send it back and get a refund, without paying for the shipping. You can check the transaction status on using our tracking number #39696118. They also have their toll free number on the invoice, so for any additional questions, feel free to ring them. Let me know if there is something else that I can do from my end.Thank you,Debra"I never asked her any additional questions I only asked for the mileage on the phone and the company said they would send an email so it definitely does not seem like a legit business.

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