Colorado One Real Estate, LLC. Review


Check the Denver BBB. They issued a warning about Colorado One Real Estate in March of 2018. Also the Coloroado Real Estate Commission is aware of this. A person claiming to be a realtor named Frank Wallice Johnson tried to trick an associate of mine into selling a time-share condo in Mexico using Escrow Corp of Georgia as the escrow agent. Escrow Corp is also a phony place. They tried to get him to wire funds to Mexico claiming the it was just an advance and the funds would all come back to him at closing. However, the escrow company didn’t want to be involved. They just provided a bunch of phoney documents to make him think the closing was going to happen once he sent the money. | Both Colorado One and Escrow Corp of Georgia have websites that look ligitimate but they are not.


Name: Colorado One Real Estate, LLC.

Country: United States

State: Colorado

City: Denver

Address: 1700 Broadway Suite #805

Phone: 303-330-0910


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By Ronald

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