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A year ago I bought a home and my mortgage company was Colonial Home Loans. I have paid all my payments on time and never had any issues… Until now. I thought it would be easier to set up auto draft on my mortgage. What a nightmare it has become. | My husband went overseas to Afghanastan 10 months ago to serve our country. As is normal his paychecks were sporadic at first until they got it straight. During this time our first autodraft was taken out and because my husband’s checks took a few days longer to drop it caused the autodraft to fail to go through. I kept a close eye on my bank acct and when i noticed by the end of June the payment had not yet been put through I called them. They told me that they stopped autodraft because that payment did not go through and i would no longer be able to use it. I repeately attemped many times to make a payment online but they had blocked me so i could not. | I sent many messages through their automated message system that never answered my questions about what i should do and finally mailed a payment to them 2 weeks ago. Noticing it still hadnt posted in my account I called the “default dept.” which apparently now i am attached to. The rudest lady I have had to speak to informed me that because of the autodraft issue I am no longer allowed to make a payment that way or any other way it seems. She told me I should expect for the check i sent to be returned as they wont take that form of payment either. Nor will they let me pay by phone. Nor will they allow me to pay online. From now on I must send a money order to pay my mortgage! | Needless to say I was astounded that a company who clearly wants your money so bad won’t allow you to pay your bill! I tried to explain to the lady that the reason I am apprehensive to pay my July mortgage that way is because I was so unhappy with this company I contacted Quicken Loans and am in the middle of refinancing my loan. I fear if i send a money order it would reach them after my loan has been paid off as i was supposed to close 2 days ago. She basically told me that this is not her problem, there is noone I can talk to regarding my issue and that if my money order isnt there in the next few days they will not only hit my credit AGAIN, but they will start forclosure. How is it when you have spent this much time and energy to take care of your debt to someone they make it so difficult to do so? | On a more positive note the refinance I am doing through quicken dropped my 30 year loan down to 15, cut my interest rate in half saving me $187,000 and my payment only went up $175. THAT is how you do good business! | I sincerely hope anyone considering using this terrible mortgage lending company does thier homework. I have never been so frusterated in my life. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST LET ME PAY MY BILL! Thats what i felt like saying!


Name: Colonial

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Fort Worth

Address: P.O. Box 2988

Phone: 817-390-2000


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By Ronald

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