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I was on facebook and a add on the side said this lady who actually looks familiar that lived where I do did the acai berry and colon cleanse 3000 diet and lost weight. Like many Americans I struggle with weight. I clicked to read her blogged where she linked the two sites for a free bottle of the colon cleanse 3000. I went to the site and read over the whole page and no where did it say it was a 14 day trial. I would never participate in such thing because I am to busy to remember to call and cancel something of that nature. On the 10th of July I get online to check my email where I receive my notifications of transactions from my bank and it showed this charger where I was totally shocked. So I called the number that was listed with the transaction and had to leave a voice mail. I did this and waited………… Called again same thing………….. While I was waiting I called my bank and notified them. I can’t file a dispute until it clears the bank. So the next day of the 11th I keep calling the company colon cleanse 3000 and finally get a answer. The guys name was Chris and I explain to him the problem and he said well you were supposed to call the 8th to cancel if this product didn’t work and you didn’t want it. I said well I m calling now he said ok well let me cancel your account and blah blah blah. So I thank him and ask how soon will the charges be removed and he said unfortunately those charges won’t be but you won’t be billed again. I said excuse me why am I being charged for a free bottle he said well it was free for 14 days etc etc. Then I proceed to tell him no the website said. He told me I was wrong and that he was looking at the site and if I were to go there again to see it what it says. So I go there and yes it plainly said this info. HOWEVER the link that I ordered from off the website said nothing of the sort. I am not that naive to skip over such information. I order things daily off the internet and never had such problems before. I explain to the guy I will dispute this claim, I will turn them into the BB and do what ever it takes but they will not get payment. The next day the pending charge was off my account and it did not go through the bank so I rushed to the bank removed all my money since all the other items had cleared to close it out. However last night they resubmitted the claim so the account can’t close until it goes through. I have emailed this company as well. I finally did get a call back to the voice mail I left however they left a voice mail for me to just email. I am not easy bullied so I will shout from the roof tops until this settled in my favor. This is a scam, and I work to hard for my money for some jerks to steal from me. I will do what ever it takes. I do not care who says I should of been more care full I was I read the info it didn’t say what they say it said. nMandynLolita, TexasU.S.A. Charlestown, Other United Kingdom


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