Colleen Lane Burns Superior, Wisconsin Wisconsin


I was married to my husband for almost 8 years and we were together for 10. He was my best friend, we did everything together. We went to each other’s Doctors’ appointments. We went shopping together. We were always together. I thought he was my best friend. || Colleen moved into the apartment next to ours in July of 2010. They only talked in the front yard. She made a comment in October. She wished she could find a man like my husband. He started spending more time”helping” her with things that she needed help with and they talked more on the front porch. || In October we got Mikes kids from their abusive mother and started custody. Things were very stressful for us and we poured ever last spare dollar into getting an attorney to fight this woman. I spent hours on the computer trying to uncover secrets the mother had to ensure we would get them. All the hard work paid off we won against her but now her father was going to fight us, so we were told. I was super stressed. I didn’t see that they were spending even more time together many hours after I went to bed. They started taking walks together and he would go meet her in the middle of the night. There was one instance that he got up in the middle the night, woke up the dog to take her for a walk. She would text him all the time, several times a day. I remember one instance that she texted him and asked if he was a toad. I didn’t think anything of it but I now know what she meant. It was a princess and the frog reference. If she kissed the frog would he just turn out to be a toad instead of a prince. One other text I saw was”come over at 1 and you can have sex with Jessica and I. He said it was a joke but sure enough at one he went over there. I noticed he was starting to brush his teeth more, wear cologne and dress a little nicer. I didn’t think anything of it until the night I was supposed to go with them to Duluth to go shopping but at the last minute I was told I could not go ONLY he could go. They blamed it on her 14 year old daughter. I texted him and said you know what this LOOKS like don’t you. He came back and said because of me SHE didn’t want to be his friend any more. She was not going to be a homewrecker. LOL He said I had made a big deal out of nothing and it cost him his friend. He blamed me for all the friends he had lost. They kept talking and the texts got to be more frequent. The late night walks, then in January, 4 days before we were to move our whole big family to a bigger place to ensure we would not lose the kids, he tells me he is leaving me. A week later he told me that he was now with Colleen that it had just happened. || I was always nice to this woman even when I thought there might be something going on. From that moment though she was venom to me making comments and calling me a witch, telling me that everything in the house belonged to Mike and I needed to give it to him. When I went to get the divorce papers signed she wouldn’t let him sign it because she wanted me to have to pay all the bills between us. || When I gave him back his dog she posted on her Facebook.”Finally got Mike’s dog back from that witch” He stopped seeing my boys who he helped raise for 8 years. Colleen posted on my youngest son’s Facebook”Mike does not want to be your dad anymore because you won’t accept me” What kind of woman would post that on a 14 year olds Facebook. || I just got a call from my cheating ex-husband and Colleen left him for a man who was in a relationship for 20 years. She tried to take everything from him but he stopped her as she was loading up the truck. I wrote Jessica her sister in law who confirmed what he had said.

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