Complaint: This company has failed to return my security deposit. Bogus fees were charged to avoid doing so. I moved out of state and this company saw an opportunity and has taken full advantage of it. All of the requirements set forth on the move out checklist were completed including cleaning interior of home, professional carpet cleaning, grass mowed, keys and garage remotes turned in after vacating property. BEWARE, this company attempts to use scare tactics and intimidate hopefully to where you will drop all complaints to the BBB, and other offices attempting to recover what they have “stolen””. The will state they have pictures that were taken before

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Website: CBDHR was consistently nonresponsive to maintenance requests and several attempts to contact each of the property managers went unanswered. Only after threatening to do the work myself did I get resolution to the maintenance request. To mislead your customers when you have no intention at all to honor what you say is UNETHICAL plain and simple! There is no legitimate reason for failure to return the security deposit

Phone: and after occupancy. I’ve asked them to provide those pictures and have yet to receive them. If so

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