Coldstone Creamery Baton Rouge Louisiana


Complaint: I was recently terminated from a job at Coldstone Creamery, and although I can’t say I agree with why I was fired, I’m definitely happier that I don’t work for such a corrupt company anymore. I should have known the company was going to be questionable from the very beginning during the interview process. It was a group interview and the first thing the manager said was “this will be the most unorthodox interview you’ll ever have.”” I’m not going to lie I was very excited at first

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Address: he kept assuring us how fun and easy the job would be and that we wouldn’t be fired unless we stole from the company or showed up to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These conditions sounded fair to me and I knew I’d be able to comply with the rules. He informed us that we would all be hired on the spot that day which struck me as strange considering there was about 10 of us and he hadn’t really gotten the chance to get to know us individually. However I didn’t mind and I filled out all the paperwork and was on my way. On my availability I noted that I wouldn’t be available for breaks because at the time I was a full time student going to school out of state and I always went home for breaks. Some time passed but finally a manager called and we worked out a time when I could train. I trained once a week for three weeks (5 hours a day for a total of 15 hours) at one location but I was to start work at another location. My manager texted me asking when I would be able to work and I told him but I let him know the exact dates I was going to be out of town. Our schedule was sent to us in an e-mail however I noticed I was scheduled to work when I wasn’t going to be in town. I sent an e-mail back to my manager but I got no response. Finally I informed my new manager that I wouldn’t be able to come into work on the days scheduled but she told me the schedule was already made but I told her I couldn’t make it and no correspondence occurred after that. I went into work for my first shift at the new location and was scheduled to work with another employee who was hired at the same time I was. We had never worked together

Website: I kind of expected it. After a week I go back and pick up my paycheck and leave. When I’m home I open the paycheck to find a handwritten check for a measly $24. I was very confused and didn’t understand how 20 hours of work amounted to $24. I went in the next day hoping to speak face to face with a manager but the only person working couldn’t help me. I contacted the manager I trained under if he put in my hours and he said he did

Phone: never worked at that location

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