coldflow heating and cooling well what can i say about that gee what an adventure ride i have had with them. bloody terrible service i have ever dealt with. i strongly recommend to keep away from these clowns.. i called them to get a new heater for my home and they came out and measured and quoted and was happy with the price.. so i booked it in and never heard back from them.. i was told i was to receive a call from them within the next few days and never heard back from them.. i sent them an email and got a reply saying sorry sorry sorry and will get back to me but never heard back from these clowns.. well the money was taken straight away suprise suprise $300 deposit and i asked for my money back as they did not provide a service.. it is taking forever to get my money back and i strongly belive they do this on purpose and thats how they make there money. 40 years of service like this. gee how many other people have they ripped off.. i have contacted a current affair and today tonight to see if they are interested in my story.. its to get this out in the media too see whether they have ripped of any other consumers.. i strongly recommend to keep away from this company COLDFLOW there below average in customer service… keep away as they need a bullet in the head HAVID HALLOWHEAD your a d*ckhead…

212 SPRINGVALE RD SPRINGVALE Nationwide United States of America


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By Ronald

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