Cody Troutman – Radius Solar is a Scam

I worked for Cody Troutman at Radius Solar and experienced the deceit for myself. He is a terrible person to work for and an even worse business owner.First of all, he lies about the products that he is selling, he will tell you one thing, then do another. He misrepresents his solar panel system because they are actually very low quality. He overprices them and tricks people into buying them. they cause roof problems for our customers, so in the end, they are doing more damage. | Second, he doe snot pay his sales representatives. Before I learned that he was a fraudster, I sold two solar panel systems, which should have earned me around $5,000 for my commision. He never paid me and when I asked, he gave me excuse after excuse. | I quit about a week ago. He is an unethical businessman and a pathological liar. I urge you not to do business with him or work under his name. His company should be shut down.

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