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Complaint: Thinking of listing your property with a real estate company in Fulton and surrounding counties in NYS with CMK & Associates? RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNu2026. While many of his agents are not trained accordingly because of Christianu2019s own lack of real estate knowledge (see NYS investigative complaints against both brokers), his firm has also been investigated and found u201cGuiltyu201d of not training his agents according to the state law, using illegal contracts, allowing his agents to create illegal real estate content while being called unethical, dishonest and other bad names by NYS itself in its investigation findings of complaints NYS received against CMK & Associates. Not only do the real estate brokers Christian Klueg and Bryn Brown allowed their agents to run rogue, Christian Klueg spends his time looking to get OUT of real estate for his passion to become a political persona in his region. If you list with CMK & Associates, will the brokers spend all their time on selling your property and representing your interest 24 hrs. a day as they are supposed to be? Not at all, if Christian Kluegu2019s political aspirations get hotter as they currently have over the past 12 months. So many of his clientu2019s and agents may have been left on the hook by themselves while Christian pursued his goal of becoming another politician who promises you the world. Christian just lost bad in his initial political campaign and looks to try to rebound again while his own real estate clients and agents may get left behind. AGAIN! CMK & Associates just recently built a new building while so many of his clients are barely getting bye. CMK & ASSOCIATES may be charging a very high commission, using illegal contracts, and being investigated again by NYS again. Do you really want to put your biggest investment and asset in their hands and be a part of this company and unethical brokers? What do you think is more important to CMK, your property, or his political career?

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Address: 3748 State Hwy 30 Amsterdam, New York USA


Phone: (518) 883.8904

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