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I acquired a timeshare membership in 1993, With the company that at that time was called “CLUB REGINA”” and because what they offered seemed to me fair and real. In addition the development at that time had three destinations: Cancu00fan

Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos

it was next to the Westin Regina Hotel and we could as club members make use of the facilities of the hotels in each destination. During the first years we enjoyed in family the benefits of vacations in almost ideal circumstances; But with the time the company was sold or associated with another (s) and then when it was called RAINTREE VACATION CLUB

That’s where the problems started. The first thing they did was not to let us use the hotel facilities

they separated the facilities with a wall. Then we observed that some people who were their employees and who were also excellent in their care were dismissed. The new employees did not treat us any well

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By Ronald

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