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My husband had ordered the complete series of Jem and the Holograms from on November 24th. The website claimed that it would be shipped within 8 to 12 business days. Nearly 2 weeks go by and nothing. He finally sends Tracy Wallace ([email protected]) an e-mail requesting an update of the order – that is when we found this website. My husband sent them an e-mail on Dec 11 and no response til Dec 15 letting him know the tracking information. He also sent other e-mails wanting to cancel the order but no other e-mails were replied. I started doing some digging on the scum bags and found other phone #’s (1 850 632 4050, 647 722 9393 (in Toronto) which was listed under GT Group with a phone # of 416 848 2000 (which is NIS) and 217 334 4083. So, I kept calling and calling and leaving phone messages after phone messages after e-mails ([email protected]; [email protected]). They (Tracy) finally replied back stating that they would refund the credit card but it would take 5 to 7 business days. She also mentioned in the e-mail that calling them would be pointless because “Our transactions are all concluded via e-mail

so a phone call would not be feasible””. To the people who have given up on getting a refund back from these low-life’s SOB’s you need to get down to their level – use vulgar language

threaten to sue

call the local newspapers … anything to get their attention. It’s unfortunate that we must do this but it’s not the point .. it’s the principle. I hope this information will be useful to the many other people who have been ripped off by these c*ck-suckers.”

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