Cleve Thomas Stanton, 22 years of hell


Liar Cheater Man, Washington

I moved to washington state in 93 to be with my current ex husband thinking he would be a great spouse. Cleve Thomas Stanton was in the 3rd and 32nd Armored Division when I met him. He was showing off a new sherman tank to my Grandpa Lafayette G. Pool. Who had been invited back to Fort Hood to recieve a medal. My family saw that I was infatuated with this man and talked me into giving him a picture with our phone number. In 93′ I boldly told him to send me a plane ticket. In 94′ he cheated on me. In 96′ I tried to go back to Texas with our 2 kids after he had throttled me. He then threatened to prove me to be a bad mother so I took a bus back. We married in 97′. He cheated on me again online and then again with a gal he had been working with. Each time he said he would not do it again. Each time. I cheated on him after that one. I was so heartbroken. So then he gets arrested for hitting me leaving a bar. His 2nd domestic violence. First on was his youngest sister. In 2010 I find out that he is cheating on me again with same co-worker again. We separated. He again still does sign the divorce papers and then I push him and again he says he will prove that I an unfit mother even calling my counselor to try and help him. Again I go back because I no where to go. He starts treating me like a bug beneath his shoes. Telling my kids that everytime they got in trouble that it was my fault. In 2013 i find out he is cheating on me again with an online gal in Taiwan. My daughter was kicked out of our house by him and forced to live with her half sister. My son about to turn 18. I tell him I want a divorce. Jan. 2014 We separated. July officially divorced. He starts cheating on his current finace in Taiwan with me. I create a fake facebook account and tell her. He then decides to put a protection order on me. For telling his finace that he was cheating her with me. What a f****** a******.I won a dual protection order in October 2014. He had my children believing in some god awful lies and them ready testify against me. Again I sorely heartbroken. But this time I won and had someone to turn to who supported me the whole way through and is now my fiance and still supports me. My ex husband (Cleve Thomas Stanton) today still stalks me in all of my social media. He is obsessed with me it seems and will not leave me alone.

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