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Complaint: I applied for a job selling furniture online . i decicided to give it a try because i was not working and decided to start selling items online. I was emailed by the company clear water imports and it sound like just what i needed i was selling the items and i would purchase the items from clearwater imports i received proof with order number for the purchase i then contacted them by email and text to get update on tracking .after 2weeks later i recieved tracking but it was for a certified letter sent to my customers. One of my customers contacted me and sent me a picture of a yellow envelope with a blank piece of paper . all together i lost over 4000.00. In the scam .please beware any help would be greatful i now have no money no business and now i am in debt because of this scam and no money to even buy a christmas present for my children and grand daughter

Tags: Attorney Generals

Address: Internet USA

Website: www.clearwatersupplies/

Phone: 3605677465

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By Ronald

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