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The lifetime warranty that supposedly comes with Clear Choice windows is non-existant. We paid over $10,000 for replacement windows about 4 years ago and recently are having trouble with several of them. nWe have tried contacting them directly through their website. I have left my home address, my email address and my cell phone # several times over the past two months but they have yet to respond. The local Clear Choice office that is listed on their website is no longer in business. nAfter the first month of waiting I went to the local BBB website for the Clear Choice headquarters in Canfield, OH and attempted once again to contact the company through them. No reply. nI have since filed a complaint with the BBB and stated that all I want is for someone from the company to contact me regarding possible warranty issues with several of my windows. According to email I’ve received, they have not responded to either US mail or voice mail requests from the BBB in a month now. nA lifetime warranty is worthless if a company will not honor it. The only thing clear about Clear Choice is that once they have your money they put up a wall to shield themselves from any further contact with a customer. nI will wait for a final word from the BBB on this and then I will be pursuing legal options.

545 N. Broad Street, Su. 2 Internet United States of America

(877) 597-4614

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