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On October 3rd 2015 I droped an Elk off for Meier’s Game Processing to have butcher of me. | The total weight of the animal quarted and baged was 374 lbs, I wanted no special cuts, just the basic processing stakes, roast and burger, | my only instruction was to have beef fat added to the burger. | I also droped a deer off at a differant Butcher, also quatered and baged with a total weight of 104 lbs | when I picked my deer up, I receved two and one half milk crates of processed meat raped and labeled. | when I picked my elk up, I receved Three milk crates of processed meat raped and labeled, | how could a deer that weighed less then a third of the weight of my Elk give my almost the same amount of meat? | I was very concerned of were the rest of the elk meat was, so I had Meier’s weigh what I was receving, it was 131 lbs of meat and not knowing the amount of beef fat added to the buger that came to a 67% waist. | I ask what the average waist was, and was told about 50% and that verys on the condishion of the meat. | My meat was very clean and baged, because of the downward shot made on the animal there was no exit wound,and no blood shot meat it was also deliverd on ice. | I have a co-worker that droped off two elk at Meier’s Game Processing and only receved four milk created of meat for two elk somethings going on here, either there taking a cut for there selfs or sold it to restaints.

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