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Clay Cooley Nissan Irving Extremely poor customer service Irving Texas!!. I bought a new 2019 Sentra on October 3, 2017. On Tuesday, October 10th a brand new (950 miles) Firestone tire went flat. The tire shop showed me a tear in the sidewall. The tire was obviously defective. We spoke with a Firestone store manager who said only the cheapest tires are put on new vehicles. I did not know this and should have been informed of this fact by the dealership. Suppose it blew out on the highway!!! I was at the tire shop and called 888.244.2448 (number found on Google) as I wanted some advice on how to proceed. No one ever answered the phone. I tried several times with no luck. Then I called 972.438.4300. After the phone rang for an extremely long time someone FINALLY answered. I asked for the service department and the phone rang for an extremely long time before someone FINALLY answered. I explained my problem and was told that I would have to hold. After holding about 10 minutes I finally gave up. I called the 972.438.4300 number again. This time no one answered. I called again and after a very long time someone FINALLY answered and I was put through to the service department again. This time I was told that I would need to talk to an advisor but was told that they were all busy and I would have to wait or call back. Jeezu2026.are you kidding me!!! I hung up, called answer. On the second try someone answered and I asked for a supervisor. I was put through and someone answered. I asked if they were a supervisor and they said no, that they were a cashier. I hung up and called again. After about 15 minutes of being put on hold, transferred with no one answering and put through to a generic voice mail I hung up and called back. I finally was able to talk to a very nice man by the name of JD Chavez. He answered my questions about the tire and apologized for the phone problems. I emailed the dealership ([email protected]) on Wednesday, October 11th outlining these problems. To date I have received no response.

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