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I ordered advertising services from Classified Kings of only 10 ads per day spread over a couple Craigslist categories. I made the payment and provided the geo location and categories we wanted the ads placed. Over the next week they provided about 3 Graphics and some Titles and Descriptions for us to approve and we did. Another week went by with nothing, so I contacted them only to find we had fallen through the cracks, but they were getting on it. Over the next few days it became apparent that they could not get ads to stick on CL and were unable to actually provide the service they sold me, so they started posting in other categories not approved by us in order to try and complete their service contract. This of course was unacceptable to us, so we asked for a refund. We were told that we would get a refund, but they never issued it, so we filed a dispute with Paypal. They managed to come up with a story to Paypal about their software and how we were trying to circumvent CL by somehow basterdizing their software,, The whole thing made no sense, and even though I provided email chains to Paypal showing the service they offered and obviously could not provide along with the promise of a refund, Paypal sided with them and I lost the case. They also made sure to tout to Paypal how much they pay in Fee’s and would be forced to leave Paypal should they continue to take chargeback hits. | This company and their service is a TOTAL Scam and should be avoided at all cost.


Name: Classified Kings

Country: United States

State: Alabama



Phone: 973-671-8607


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By Ronald

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