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I am U.S. Navy Veteran. I attempted to work with Christian Yates to have one of his classic cars (1969 Mercury Cyclone) professionally built for my son. The initial agreement was for 16,000.00 for a car to be built to the “9’s”. | I asked for a contractual agreement over and over, but Chris was busy working on cars. I provided a good faith deposit of 10,000.00 the day of our evening meeting to review the contract. There was no contract then, nor ever developed. | After noticing that he was not going to restore the car to the quality quoted, I provided him with 2 different written agreements. Both of which were declined. He lastly stated he would not build this without an increase in cost. | I then pulled back from the deal and asked for a refund (which he said he would provide.) Chris has kept half (5,000.00) of the deposit for his time spent on the contract setup and for removing the car from Craigslist. (I was never aware of such posting until he withheld my refund.) No work was performed for this vehicle upon my request, but only work of which needed and will be done for the sale in any event. I.E. trans repair, remove interior, inspections and such. | Chris has spoken many words (proven lies),but even though he is a Litigation & Bankruptcy Paralegal he would not enter into written formal contract. Chris is now using his past business partner to provide me with written legal documentation of the monies withheld. Of which, there is not a clear reasoning. I am asking for my full refunded deposit of $5,000.00 due to an agreement not being made. | As indicated in his signature below, he is not a Lawyer and takes offense to the matter, he is a Paralegal.


Name: Classic Motor Sports LLC.

Country: United States

State: Alabama

City: Athens

Address: 15487 Hastings Rd

Phone: 256-233-3306


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By Ronald

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