Classic Country Land LLC – Illegally Sold US Property

Classic Country Land is careless with the property that they sell. If you are already doing business with them, hire someone else to check your property, otherwise, avoid them.We were ready to move into our house which we had purchased through Classic Country. Papers were signed, and our plans for a ranch were drawn out, but what we did not know was that the property was on a plot of land that was half of a reservation.They had somehow written 50 acres into the land we bought that was not rightfully theirs. When we went to start work, were told that we were trespassing and fined thousands of dollars.This is a huge deal! How could this company not know what they were doing? We are still in the middle of trying to resolve the issue. It has been a month of a nightmare and we do not have the land that we paid for.Classic Country Land has refused to cooperate with us and denies knowing that any part of the property was a reservation. They are making a lot of money off our sell so we know exactly what is going on.

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