Classic Auto Trim of Pahrump – Double Check the Condition Before You Buy

I purchased a car online from Class Auto Trim of Pahrump. It was a decent price and it seemed like the perfect car for my daughter’s first car. The transaction went smoothly and I went to pick up the car, however, it was not in the condition as advertised. | The paint was sun damaged and the interior was stained. Those things I could live with, but when I took it to get checked by a mechanic he discovered some bigger issues with it. I was not willing to invest any more of my money into that piece of junk. | I requested my money back, but he was not very cooperative. It was like playing a little kid game of no take backs. I finally got him to agree and he told me he would send me the refund and I could send the car after. | I never received the package for a refund.

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