Class 1 Autosports


Class 1 Autosports Class 1 Electronics Scammers. Liars. No moral compass. Thought they found a sucker, NOT. Green Brook New Jersey!!. In a nutshell I received unprofessional service from this place. Not to mention too many hours and dollars spent. Product was defective right from the start. Would not do the right thing. Messed with the wrong person. Come to find out in the end, wrong product was chosen for my car as well. What a joke these guys are! Thank god I came out on top, but no thanks to them. I would like to add that they hide behind having one or two satisfied famous clients, big deal. Try making the average hard working clients satisfied that can’t afford your unprofessionalism or inabilities. That would be a new concept for this business, the owner Joe and the manager Mike. Karma will work all of this out! Stay away from this place! Big warning!

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