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I have been a client of Clark and Washington slogging through a 5 year plan. I have now either paid off my debt to them, or owe one more payment. When calling the law offices of Clark and Washington I cannot get a straight answer out of them. I am simply told I owe possibly two more payments (which takes me over the 60 month time limit) but they can’t tell me how many nor how much the last one should be. | I would not ever recommend using this firm. I always have a hassle when I want to talk to them about my case. They want me to come in rather than simply answer my question(s) over the phone. They prefer I waste my time going to their offices to tell me generally the same thing they could have told me over the phone. I’m throughly frustrated at not knowing when my case will end. And if I call the trustee’s office they say I have to talk to my attorney’s who are no help at all.


Name: Clark & Washington, LLC

Country: United States

State: Georgia

City: Atlanta

Address: 3300 Northeast Expressway Building 3

Phone: 770-913-6082


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By Ronald

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