Clara Saavedra Las Vegas, Nevada Nevada


The home wreckers name is Clara Saavedra, formerly Clara westmoreland. This pathetic woman was married when she started seeing my husband. They met at work. My soon to be ex husband was stationed at a air force base In Las Vegas Nevada and this whore works as a medical assistant at this base. The affair started in 2009 and they kept seeing each other until he received orders for another base. || I’m posting this for all the women who have husbands that work at this base this whore will sleep with your husband if he’s disgusting enough to want her. Unfortunately my husband felt like slumming it with this trash. || I found emails between them several months ago and she knew all about me and our children. I fault him because he took vows and should have cared about our family. So I find out while she’s seeing my husband she has a husband and a boyfriend. Now a new husband. This nasty whore slept with my husband for several years and it did not bother her that she could be destroying a family. || As for my husband he ended a twelve year marriage and 2 children for this trash. And yes Clara I have all your disgusting emails as proof that you were sleeping with my husband. Karma is a bitch and you better hope some bitch doesn’t want to sleep with your new husband Clara Saavedra.

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By Ronald

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