CKB Data Solutions Inc. Review


I worked for this company starting on July 1st to &-3 – 15 and fell ill. I was suppose to get paid on July 10th and I am in Phoenix, Az so they said they would send it. Anyhow I did not get it so I emailed them. Stephen said he would resend it. Still no check. The next excuse was that he sent it to the wrong address. well, I waited still no check by 7-24-2015. He said that they did not do payroll and the check would be at my home by 5-10 days. It has never arrived and it has been close to one month. I just want to inform anyone that is going to work for this company please think twice because they will not pay you possibly or at least they never paid me and forced me to report them.


Name: CKB Data Solutions Inc.

Country: United States

State: Tennessee

City: Goodlettsville


Phone: (615) 424-8138


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By Ronald

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