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I am writing on behalf of my grandmother, Mui C age 97. During May 2008 as a result of my grandmother’s long term care ursing home discharge, she required a hospital bed at home which was paid for by Medi-Cal/Medicare insurance and we selected, 1485 Bayshore Blvd., Ste. 412, San Francisco, CA 94124, Phone 415-508-1153, Fax 415-508-1083, Email: [email protected], Contact: Mr. Dwight W. Siu, Owner, for the vendor as they were excellent in sales from past experience. nIn early May 2008, the bed and mattress, both manufacturered by Invacare were delivered and assembled at my grandmother’s apartment by the owner Dwight W. Siu and his associate. Mr. Siu dropped the motor for the bed at one point. A few days later, the bed was very hot as the motor for some reason heated up which made the mattress warm as my grandmother had complained. On May 9, 2008 – a e-mail was sent to Mr. Siu concerning this issue but there was no response which meant they waived their right to object. A week ago, my grandmother was complaining about the bed not feeling right and when we looked, in the center of the mattress on the side that was touching the bedframe, there was a huge crack about a inch long which was exactly were the two parts of the springs of the bedframe connected with each other. nSo I contacted Invacare, the manufacturer and was told that any service, exchange issues under warranty would have to be handled by the vendor. And when I contacted Mr. Siu, the vendor, he claimed that it is not covered under warranty as advised by Invacare and that I should contact Invacare. So far, the only thing I see is both the vendor and manufacturer pointing the finger at each other on who is responsible in handling the issue. nFrom former corresspondance with the vendor, Mr. Siu said the way it works is that Medi-Cal/Medicare insurance is billed monthly for the first 10 months as a rental in which the vendor is responsible for all issues like if there are any issues, the vendor will repair or replace and even after the 10 months, they will repair or replace providing it is still within the time frame limit of the warranty. nAt this time, only replacement of the mattress is needed. Otherwise, the bed would be useless without the mattress. nVincentnSan Francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A.

1485 Bayshore Blvd., Ste. 412 San Francisco, California U.S.A.


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