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Complaint: As a small business owner I worked over several days along with other vendors who put in far more time and expense to prepare for the CityGuru u201cFerraris and Fashionu201d Seattle event. At the last minute, Drew Morrison, owner of CityGuru canceled the event, leaving us no way to earn our money back. Rather than pay us back the money he had already taken in before canceling the event, Drew Morrison promised to u201cmake it rightu201d. We continue to get nothing but promises from Drew Morrison. He never answers our questions of when we can expect to get paid. Now, I see that CityGuru has posted a website to collect donations for a local charity, Maryu2019s Place. While I admire Drew Morrisonu2019s attempt to help this non-profit, Iu2019m wondering if this is his way of u201cmaking it rightu201d. Why is he raising donations rather than trying to pay off his business debts? But if he is raising money through donations to Maryu2019s Place in order to pay us off; this is not u201cmaking it rightu201d. I wonder if Maryu2019s Place knows he is collecting donations in their behalf? When you make a donation online using the CityGuru website does the money go directly to Maryu2019s Placeu2014or in through Drew Morrisonu2019s hands first? Why doesnu2019t he simply start paying us back with the money he had already taken in when CityGuru began organizing the Ferraris & Fashion event? I am concerned that we will never get paid since I have read that Drew Morrison faces a lot of legal problems from not having paid his debts to other people.

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Address: 701 Fifth Avenue, suite 4258 Seattle, Washington USA


Phone: 206-954-8353

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