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City Furniture worst purchase experience ever.On April 4 2014 I purchased a sofa at City Furniture in North Miami Beach.I sheduled to pick from it’s warehouse in Tamarac the following day Saturday.On Satarday when about to leave my apt, I called the warehouse.I asked if I could pay to have the sofa delivered to parents house, istead of my apt and me picking up.The warehouse said that I would have to call my city rep that sold me the sofa for him to arrange it.I called my City Furnture rep. who sold me the sofa. He explained to have the new address inserted in the systemhe woud have to re-do the invoice with the new delivery address. And in the time that he redo a new invoiceI could lose the sofa because the sofa would be in the system for another store to sell it.I said that’s impossible that some one will be buying this sofa in the next two seconds.And what kind of old system software that you can add a new delvery address after a customer haspaid in full. None the less, I lost the sofa because there was a waiting list. A waiting list that the rep never mentioned. Because if there is a waiting list automatically when you void an invoiceit goes to the first person in the waiting list. I would have never taken the chance in losing the sofa if there was a waiting list.This is unbeliveable. I paid for the sofa, the sofa was reserved for me at the warehouse.Because of an old software and a rep that cant infom the customer that you will lose the sof afor a waiting list i end up losing the safo that I already paid for.How about welcoming City Furniture to the 21st Century.This is not acceptable. They resold what I already had paid for.

1500 NW 167th St miami, Florida USA

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By Ronald

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