City Auto Auction Of Chicago Milton Wisconsin


Complaint: On April 14th, 2007 I attended an auto auction at City Auto Auction of Chicago, Inc. Upon arrival, I asked several people in the first building that I came to where I could register for the auction, and where I could view cars for auction. No body had any idea what I was talking about and ushered me into a second building. This where cars were being driven through for auction. I observed a Pontiac Gran Prix come through the auction. I attempted to look inside as it was being auctioned, but was ushered some distance back, so that I could not get a close look at the vehicle. It should also be noted that the car was hosed down with water, and I was not able to get a good look at the paint. I asked one of the ushers if this car would make it back to Wisconsin, and he said in broken english, “…yes

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Address: a good car. Will take you anywhere.”” Bidding began at $3000

Website: and was not to be seen until later. I asked to look at the car

Phone: with no bids. The auctioneer then began lowering the opening bid. He reached $1800

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