Citizens Bank Manchester New Hampshire Review


I have had this bank since they bought out my old one back in the late 90’s. I have never had any problems with them until I became part of a class action lawsuit last year. They use to always cover my overdrafts up to $500 with no problems. I got 7 overdrafts last week for one check. The company kept reposting the bill and every time they did, Citizens bank nailed me with a $40 overdraft fee. They never covered the check but hit with all those overdrafts. The amount was way under $500 . I called the customer service number and spoke to a woman for about 5 minutes. I’m always very courteous and professional anytime I’m on the phone. Doesn’t matter what the circumstances. The lady refused to honor any of the overdrafts. I politely asked for a supervisor. After almost 10 minutes of waiting, I got man that started off as helpful then became very obnoxious to the point where he kept interrupting me. Then he tried to talk over me every time I would try to ask a question. I had told him about being on a class action list for this same thing. He laughed when I said the bank seems to be punishing me for trying to get back what is rightfully mine. After hearing him chuckle and mockingly say. I’m not going to honor these. He actually tried to school me on budgeting. I abruptly ended the call with a thank for your time and not helping even one bit, Have a nice day. I am closing my account with them after 14 plus years .. I hate to think what they have planned for the other people that were part of that class action suit. PS: I hope they did record my conversation with them as they always say when you call their 800 number because it will back up everything I said. Beware of Citizens bank. They don’t care about their customers anymore as I keep reading more and more every day. Thank you reading my rant.

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