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Funny-Funny. nI have not been to this site in a long time. nCircuit City still at it… nI 3 years ago bought the CSP package on a laptop. I found NOTHING was covered. All a person got were excuses. nI like many took my anger trip in every direction I could think. I must have spent a fortune on postage writing every possible complaint location on earth. nI had anti-circuit city messageboards on the web…I had anti-circuit city websites. nOver time I recieved thousands of emails of identical nature of what one reads on this site. nEverybody wanted to file class-action. nNobody ever seems to do it !!!! It takes an attorney naturally. nVirtually everything your ever told at Circuit City is a lie….everybody is a lier from those that clean the bathrooms to store managers to the CEO. Its all fiction !!!! nThey simply don’t care.Nobody ever brings class-action against them so? nPersonally I recieved 12 different abuse excuses not to service my laptop. For some odd reason when they were screwed up when closing a service center…it was serviced. Technician tests the unit and puts results on paper. Everything AOK…Damage? NO Abuse? NO This was for a modem. So this and a prior 12 abuse excuses? nMy 3 year CSP just expired. Prior to expiration I decided to make another fix-it return. (lcd screen has been flickering for 2 years). Its been 2 months and after about 40 phone calls to various numbers I can’t even get a person to tell me where my laptop is. no—yes..people do take circuit city to small claims court. Circuit City never shows up and they win by default.–but nobody can ever collect any money….. nSo save yourself some pain in life.Shop elsewhere.You might be ok at this place buying no warranties but so many !!!! stories of re-boxed used and defects sold as new. n—and nothing will change until this place is sued class-action. nHave fun with complaints. nCarlnwestport, ConnecticutU.S.A.

Richmond, Virginia U.S.A.

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