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My husband and I purchased an HP laptop from the Circuit City in Salem, OR in February of 2001. At the time of purchase, we received a $400 ISP rebate (at the time we could choose between CompuServ and MSN). My sister-in-law had purchased a laptop with the same deal a couple of months earlier, and had gotten the MSN rebate, which we also wanted. In our excitement over the purchase of our first computer, disks, carrying case, surge protector, and all the other ‘necessities’ the salesman told us we needed, I didn’t notice that he’d given us the CompuServ Installation disk, until we got home, and I was setting up the computer. I was having problems with the computer itself, so we took it back to Circuit City the following morning. nWhen we arrived, the service team at the store determined that the computer we had was bad, and they gave us a new one. At that time, we informed the salesman, David, who had been helping us before, that we wanted the MSN, not CompuServ, which he said was no problem. He voided our CompuServ service agreement, and issued us an MSN one, giving us the MSN disk. Then, he called his coroporate office, and came back, telling us that it was taken care of. nAbout four months later, I was checking our bank statement, and noticed that $21.95 had been deducted from my husband’s debit card twice that month, a couple of days apart. Thinking that perhaps MSN was double-charging us on accident, I called the bank, only to find out that CompuServ was taking $21.95 a month. nThus began a two month long battle to get someone to take care of the situation. Circuit City suddenly developed amnesia, and said it wasn’t their problem. I tried unsuccessfully to contact CompuServ several times, finally located an online account person, who said it was Circuit City’s problem. So, my husband called Circuit City back, and was told by the manager here at the Salem store that we couldn’t possibly have an MSN agreement, since they hadn’t been offered in months. Finally, they realized we weren’t going to go away, and told us to contact Circuit City’s Corporate office. nI talked to a Wanda Blues there, who said she’d call me back in 3 days, and she’d get it taken care of. Two weeks later, I called back, and the guy I talked to said that she wasn’t available (yet he managed to talk to her while I was on the phone). He told us to cancel my husband’s debit card, so that CompuServ wouldn’t be able to charge us anymore, and that Ms. Blues had filed the ‘appropriate form’ with CompuServ, and that it shouldn’t be more than 4-6 weeks before CompuServ would contact us, and ask us where to send the refund they owed us. There was no longer any need to call Circuit City now, he told us, because it was solely in CompuServ’s hands now, and just be patient, we’d hear from them soon. nWell, two weeks ago, we finally heard from them, in the form of a letter accusing us of breaking our service agreement with them, and informing us that they were going to bill us for $450. My husband called them, and, naturally, the person in customer service he talked to didn’t have the authority to credit us back more than one month of what they owe us, but that a higher management person would contact us in three days. Still haven’t heard from anyone. We will try to contact them again tomorrow, but I’m not holding out any hope. nWe have purchased a television, computer, vcr, software, electronics accessories, and keyboard stand from Circuit City, and I estimate that we’ve spent in excess of $2,000 there in the space of three years. We will NEVER do business with them again. Their salespeople lie to the customer, telling you what you want to hear so you will buy their product, but you’d better hope that you never have to actually expect them to back up their word – they won’t. We thought that our cruddy experience was just limited to our local store, with it’s jerk of a manager, but apparently it goes on even at their corporate level, as evidenced by the fact that when we talked to CompuServ about the ‘form’ that Ms. Blues claimed she’d sent them, they’d never heard from Circuit City. nNow I’m just hoping that we don’t get sued for the $450. CompuServ told us that they could tell that we hadn’t used the account, and would give us our money back, but so far they haven’t lived up to their promises much better than Circuit City. I’m glad we went with MSN for our ISP – I am very happy with them. nAs for Circuit City, there is no way I will EVER do business with them EVER again. Since we bought our computer, a Best Buy store has opened in Salem, and we’ve been loyal customers there ever since. We purchased a scanner, printer, and accessories from them, with 100% satisfaction. nDon’t be their next victim! Don’t shop Circuit City!!!!!! nLucinda Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Circuit City

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