CIRCUIT CITY North Port Florida Review


I purchased a laptop from Circuit City last yearfor $ 1400, and I also purchased an extended warranty for over $200. After a few months the computer no longer worked, and Circuit City refused to repair the unit, or make good on their warranty. I filed a report with, report # 95365 on June 17th of this year. Finally, Circuit City said all they would do is refund my cost of the extended warranty since the laptop didn’t last long enough to use the warranty. nBeing at the mercy of their deceitful business practices, I filled out the City Advantage Cancellation Form at their store on June 23rd, they gave me a ticket # 340301013564, and it was signed by Nina in customer service. They faxed it in and told me I would get a check in the mail within 30 days. nI waited 2 months, and no check. I called the store and they told me that the faxed hadn’t gone through, and they would refax it, and I would get my check in 30 days. 2 more months went by and again I called. They said they would look into it. Here I am, 5 months later and still no check. nFrankly, I think Circuit City banks on people forgetting or giving up on their refunds. I am not asking for a favor here. THIS IS MY MONEY, and I want it back. nPeople, let me warn you. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CIRCUIT CITY. They will deceive you every chance they get. Don’t take my word for it, look at all the vast quantity of other reports about them on this website alone. Read the updates from their own employees. It’s the same complaints over and over and over again. One large corporation stealing and deceiving and preying on hardworking consumers like you and me. Circuit City will promise you the world, until they have your money. Then, it’s a whole other attitude. nThere’s plenty of businesses out there that sell the same products, and actually care about you as a customer, and a human being. I will continue to wait for my refund, and I will post an update when I receive it. nAlbertnNorth Port, FloridaU.S.A.



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