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Hired Circuit City to come to our home and install a DSL wireless service. They were there for an hour or so and said they were done. After they left I was able to get online but as soon as our phone rang we were kicked off line and never were able to connect again to internet. We called Circuit City back and they came back out and changed out a part that they said was defective. Well needless to say that didn’t work either. When called a third time they said we had problems with our phone line and we needed to call Quest. We did that, Quest came out and said there was no problem with our lines that Circuit City didn’t have stuff hooked up right. So we paid Quest to come back out and install wireless service that they completed in 10 minutes. After speaking to three different managers at Circuit city they refuse to pay us back for labor they performed but never worked. We were out of internet service for a month that we were still paying for and parts from Circuit City that they will not return and labor for things that don’t work. What does Circuit City not understand, you don’t pay for services not completed. We spent a lot of money at Circuit City that day, we will never shop there again. nTeresanGrand Junction, ColoradoU.S.A.

2451 Highway 6 & 50 Grand Junction, Colorado U.S.A.


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