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This is actually an update to the report I filed in May 2003. I am the person who was scalded when the styrofoam cup that I was pouring coffee into at a Circle K Store in North Tampa, Florida, separated on the bottom, causing the hot coffee to gush out and inflict 2nd degree burns to my leg. nAt the time of the incident, the Circle K employees made NO ATTEMPT to assist me or to even ask what happened. Circle K uppper-level management chose to ignore the incident. I received a call from their insurance adjuster the next morning who advised that it wasn’t their problem and to go after the manufacturer of the cup. I tried to explain to her that it was not my intention to pursue litigation and that all I wanted was for them to take care of my medical treatment. nI called Conoco Phillips Attorney in Houston who, although promised he would “get right on it”” and get back to me

never bothered to return any of my calls. Instead

nearly 2 months later

I received another call from their insurance adjuster with the same story. nFinally

I ended up filing a lawsuit in Hillsborough County

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By Ronald

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