Circle K Columbia South Carolina Review


Hope you have had a tetanus shot if you get your coffee here. There is heavy rust in the water. While the pipes leading to the coffee maker are filtered the water they use to wash the pots are not. The pots are left to soak in rusty water over night. The water is then poured out but a significant amount remains in the pot. If your not concerned about the rust in your drink then perhaps you would be turned off by the flock of pigeons that live in this store. There is a tube that runs from a cooler inside of the store to the store front. This causes water to gather under the birds nests and is quiet disgusting when you have to walk past the sitting pile of stale water and bird feces to get to the front door. One last thing, beware when using the pumps. The receipts have not worked for years, as many have complained. The reason for this would be that the receipt boxes on the pumps are melted. It is a serious fire hazard especially when combined with the fact that the pumps do not contain proper shut off valves that prevent gas from over flowing when you fill up. nWDTnColumbia, South CarolinaU.S.A.

4760 Forest Drive Columbia, South Carolina U.S.A.


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